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Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer

Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer

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Weather balloons, UAPs, flying saucers... nobody even knows what to call the sudden increase in Unidentified Flying Objects being spotted everywhere lately. However, when an actual out-of-this-world spacecraft arrives, you'll most likely be too busy running, screaming, and hiding from the laser blaster-packing alien beings to call them anything. This cool new yet quite ancient alien-inspired Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer (yep, let's just go with flying saucer) is a massive 10 foot wide, illuminated alien spaceship that seems to have crashed landed into some equally giant inflatable boulders on your front lawn. Don't panic, because it also includes convenient stakes and tethers to prevent it from ever flying off again. I suppose it makes the most sense to put it on display around Halloween, but it will also be fun to put out when the actual alien motherships arrive over the cities for either a friendly first contact meet and greet, the start of a world-conquering invasion, or just to begin harvesting Eden's main food crop... us! πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

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Witch's Cauldron
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The problem with filling real coffins with ice for chilling down drinks and appetizers at Halloween parties is the pesky dead corpse inside.
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Massive Inflatable Animated Spider
Whether it's Halloween or even the middle of Summer, this gigantic 12 foot tall inflatable arachnid-looking monster thing will undoubtedly make your home the focal point of the entire neighborhood
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Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
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Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
A fully-functioning flying replica of the Wright Brothers' first powered airplane, the Wright Flyer I, except it's kite-sized and wind-powered instead.
Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
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Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
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Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
Transform your classic KitchenAid stand mixer into the most fearsome small appliance in your kitchen when you apply these cool new WWII Flying Tiger Shark Fighter Plane Decals to its fuselage
Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
These fun aviation-themed ceiling fans are designed to mimic the front of P-40 fighter jets used during WWII with three painted tip propeller blades and the iconic shark mouth logo on the sides of the nose.
Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
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Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
A DIY kit that includes everything kids (or you) need to build a wooden, elastic-powered paper airplane launcher that can send them up to 30+ feet away.
Massive Inflatable Crashed Flying Saucer
It's not quite as breathtaking as flying around the city in a real jetpack like a 007 would, but this luxurious water-powered jetpack is able to safely send you 30 feet up into the air at speeds of up to 35 mph using nothing but pressurized jets of water.

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