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JetLev Flyer - Water-Powered Jetpack

JetLev Flyer - Water-Powered Jetpack

JetLev Flyer - Water-Powered Jetpack

Forget tubing, water skiing and snorkeling. When you have enough disposable cash to strap on your very own cool new JetLev Flyer, you'll be able to experience the awesome thrill of real jetpack flight over the water. It's not quite as breathtaking as flying around the city in a real jetpack like a 007 would, but this luxurious water-powered jetpack is able to safely send you 30 feet up into the air at speeds of up to 35 mph using nothing but pressurized jets of water. The good news is that you'll never go helplessly flying away, because it's tethered to a flexible water supply hose that connects the jetpack to a separate boat-like unit on the water. It makes a very cool water toy for the 1% or you could make an investment and rent it out, which it could then end up paying for itself. Check out the video below to see it in action!

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  • Fly-by-wire digital throttle control
  • Simple, intuitive flight controls
  • Nozzles angles determine allocation of thrust between lift and propulsion (forward, neutral or reverse)
  • Mandatory Type II or III Coast Guard approved PFD provides impact cushioning and floatation
  • Flexible water supply hose / tether delivers power to the jetpack with pressurized water
  • Hose length: 33ft (10m)
  • Measured top speed (150-lb or 68 kg pilot): 22mph (35km/h)
  • Flight ceiling (measured at feet level): 28 feet (8.5m)
  • Duration at wide open throttle (approx.) 1 hour
  • Duration at cruising speed (approx.) 1-2 hours

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