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The Flying Car - Converts From Automobile to Aircraft in 30 Seconds

The Flying Car - Converts From Automobile to Aircraft in 30 Seconds

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Owning your own airplane is expensive enough, but where do you store it in between flights? Well, the cool new Flying Car is a street-legal automobile that fits in your garage, drives down the road and converts into a Light Sport aircraft in only 30 seconds. It even saves you the need to rent a car when you land at your destination.

This innovative, hybrid vehicle was designed by a team of MIT graduates to be driven to an airfield, where it can then deploy its self-locking foldable wings into place and takeoff down a 17' runway. In the air, it features a maximum airspeed of 115 mph powered by a 100 HP four-cylinder engine, a sophisticated modern avionics aid navigation from a touch-screen LCD, dual pedals, joystick, dual rudders, ailerons, and stabilator. On the road, it can reach speeds up to 65 mph and features a continuously variable transmission, rear-wheel drive, four DOT-approved tires with full road suspension, steering wheel, accelerator, and brakes. It's constructed from carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum and its 23-gallon gas tank provides a 425 nautical mile range (35 mpg on the road). Requires a Sport Pilot Certificate.

This may not be the zero-gravity, personal flying machine with laser blasters we've all dreamt of, but we're now one step getting closer. Too bad it can't land in the water like a sea plane and then convert into a speed boat too!

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