Airboard : Levitating Hover Scooter

Airboard : Levitating Hover Scooter

Imagine your own personal hovercraft levitating inches above the ground and speeding across land on a cushion of air at 15 MPH! Now imagine the exhilaration you will feel as you hover past all the people with their jaws planted firmly in the ground. The Airboard : Levitating Hover Scooter isn't just a toy, it's an engine-powered levitating luxury toy from the future that is simply out of this world. If this kind of price is right for you, you will enjoy an experience few will ever know and an unprecedented experience in personal transportation. Check out the video below to see this thing in action!!!


  • Engine-powered fan elevates the scooter off the ground
  • Vent in the back provides light forward thrust
  • Leans left or right to perform smooth turns
  • 15 MPH maximum speed
  • Use on concrete, asphalt, well-groomed grass, free of debris, sand, stones, and other obstacles
  • Engine kill switch wristband
  • Operates for approximately 1 hour on a full tank of unleaded gasoline
  • Complete instructions and a training video are provided
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow

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