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Stewart Golf X3R Remote Control Golf Caddie

Stewart Golf X3R Remote Control Golf Caddie

Stewart Golf X3R Remote Control Golf Caddie

I'm not the biggest fan of golf. I only like a few aspects of the game and lugging a heavy bag of clubs around a lawn looking for a tiny ball and hole to put it in all day isn't one of them. The best parts of the game are driving the ball, putting and driving around in the golf cart. All three of these skills can better be implemented in any reputable driving range/putt-putt/go-cart facility without having to walk around aimlessly all afternoon.

I digress. If you love the game of golf for some reason and usually carry around your own clubs, the Stewart Golf X3R Remote Control Golf Caddie should be right up your fairway. This powerful electronic motorized caddie will carry around your clubs for you from hole to hole with simply the press of a button from up to 50 yards with the included wireless remote control. It features a cup-holder, all-terrain maneuverability, an integrated anti-tip wheel, high grip tires and a high-performance rechargeable battery that can power it for up to 27 holes (around 8 miles) on a single charge.

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  • This remote-controlled motorized golf caddie is "the fairway Ferrari" (Golf Magazine) designed and handcrafted in Great Britain.
  • Features exceptional all-terrain maneuverability, with powerful motor, integrated anti-tip wheel and high-grip tires.
  • Compact wireless controller works over a 50-yard range, driving the caddie forward, backward, left and right at variable speed.
  • High-performance 12V 30 Ah battery provides enough juice to play up to 27 holes on a single charge a healthy walk of over 8 miles.
  • Folds down to easily fit in most car trunks.
  • Charging station plugs into standard outlet.
  • Made in Great Britain.

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