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Lumiball - LED Lighted Golf Balls

Lumiball - LED Lighted Golf Balls

Don't let the dark of night keep you from finding your golf ball on the course, just use these cool new Lumiballs. These innovative, high-performance golf balls are not only the official size and weight, they have built-in LEDs that illuminate the ball for 8 minutes upon impact. The only downside is that golf courses usually close at night. They come in pack of 3 in assorted colors.

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  • Maximum visibility in bad weather, high grass, early mornings or late nights
  • Bright LED light stays active for 8 minutes upon impact
  • 80 compression multilayer ball is official size and weight
  • 40-hour battery life
  • High-performance aerodynamics, control, accuracy, feel and distance
  • Pack of 3 in assorted colors

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