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Eject-A-Putt - Pops a Golf Ball Out of the Hole!

Eject-A-Putt - Pops a Golf Ball Out of the Hole!

Eject-A-Putt - Pops a Golf Ball Out of the Hole!


Want to make golf actually fun to play? Forget the exploding exploding golf balls, air horns, and Baba Booeys, and prank overly serious golfers in a more infuriating way with this cool new Eject-A-Putt. While removing the flag for your buddy to putt, gently place this covert spring-loaded launcher down into the hole. After they sink the golf ball with a perfect putt, the ball gets popped right back out of the hole. The only way this can backfire is if you can't outrun the golf cart chasing you or they outsmarted you by putting with the equally cool Remote Control Trick Golf Ball. Check out this video to see it in action.

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  • Tons of fun and always makes golfers laugh
  • Perfect way to joke and prank your buddies out on the course
  • Easy To Use - Press down and twist to secure the launcher, then gently place into the golf hole when you take out the flag
  • Stays hidden at the bottom of the hole so nobody will see it coming
  • When the golf ball rolls into the hole the spring loaded trigger will shoot the ball up and out of the hole

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