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Everlasting Neva Steel Candles

Everlasting Neva Steel Candles

Everlasting Neva Steel Candles

If you love the ambiance of flickering candlelight, but could do without the melted wax and soot, then check out this cool new Everlasting Neva Black Candlestick Set. These luxurious everlasting steel candles sit upright in a glass vase that's filled with smoke-free, clean-burning oil and never melt. The set includes a bottle of Pristine oil that should provide up to 50 hours of candlelight from these truly unique metal candles.

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  • Everlasting Neva Black Candlestick Set
  • Luxurious steel candle that never melts and provides endless clean-burning ambiance
  • Three everlasting steel oil candles are housed in the glass Neva Vase
  • Includes one bottle of Pristine Oil, a natural and biodegradable mineral oil that's completely clean burning
  • Each bottle provides 50 hours of smoke-free, scent-free candlelight ambiance
  • Materials: Glass vase, metal candles, mineral oil

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