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Modfire - Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Modfire - Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Modfire - Modern Outdoor Fireplace

This cool new Modfire is a modern wood-burning outdoor fireplace with a unique design inspired by retro-futuristic rocket ships, industrial age smokestacks, and possibly a screaming cyclops blob monster from another dimension. It's constructed from durable 14 gauge steel that's finished with an ultra-high temperature powder coat charcoal finish, and is available in either 4.5' or 7' tall sizes and natural gas or propane versions are also available. A unique and stylish wood-burning fireplace that makes a fine addition to any outdoor space. Check out this VIDEO to see them being constructed.

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  • Outdoor fireplace inspired by mod 1960s-futurist rocket ships and industrial age smoke stacks
  • A perfect blend of style and function that compliments and elevates virtually any outdoor space
  • 14 gauge steel
  • 4.5' or 7' tall versions available
  • Ultra-high temperature powder coat charcoal finish withstands up to 650 degrees
  • Fuel type: Wood Burning
  • Small Size: 22" Diameter x 48" T - 65 lbs
  • Large Size: 32" Diameter x 83" T - 120 lbs

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