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Solo Stove Mesa Torches

Solo Stove Mesa Torches

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This summer, illuminate the evenings around your home, along pathways or fence lines, or surrounding the patio with huge flickering flames from these cool new Solo Stove Mesa Torches. Yep, the Solo Stove fire pits have crossed over into the tiki torch realm with these sleek staked torches made from weather-resistant cold-rolled steel. The torches have a unique bezel, wick, and integrated fuel canister that generate large bright flames for up to 5 hours using standard torch fuel, can be configured for two different heights, break down into 3 segments for compact storage, and include detachable snuffers that extinguish the flames safely and quickly. They're perfect for backyard BBQs, festive luaus or lesser-fun outdoor parties, hanging out with friends and family, fighting off pesky mosquitos with citronella torch fuel, or adding some rustic blazing ambiance around your home at night just for the fun of it. 🔥

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Giant Easter Island Moai Monolith Sculpture
Huge, yet scaled, reproduction of one of the Moai stone monoliths found along the Easter Island coastline is cast in quality designer resin and finished to look like actual rough, chiseled stone!
Tiki Pepper Grinder
Just fill this mysterious and monolithic head up with whole peppercorns and push the nose for a sneeze-free dash of pepper. Mystery solved.
Skull Tiki Torches
Flaming tropical tiki torches are fun, I guess, but tiki torches made from a grisly faux human skull (hopefully faux) are so much cooler.
Genuine Bamboo Tiki Bar
Can't make it to the islands this summer? Then bring the islands to your backyard with this cool new Genuine Bamboo Tiki Bar!
Tiki Face Cocktail Glasses
Wish you were on a remote Polynesian island right now sipping a tasty cocktail in a tiki bar on the beach? Well, the next best thing might be drinking your favorite tropical cocktail concoctions at home from these cool new Tiki Face Cocktail Glasses.
Tiki God of Fire and Water Fountain
This tropical centerpiece fuses a recirculating water fountain, a realistic yet faux Ultra Fire LED fireplace, and a classic laughing or possibly screaming tiki face.
Fina King Luau Propane Firepit
Pretend like you're on the islands this Fall as you relax outdoors around this tropical-themed Fina King Luau Propane Firepit. This amazing tiki-inspired firepit uses a hidden 20-lb. liquid propane tank to generate a ring of fire from his lava rock filled head.
Ti-keys - Tiki Key Covers
Just stretch these cool Polynesian idol heads over your keys to make them easier to identify.
Tiki Torch Water Spitter - Illuminates and Aerates Backyard Ponds
If you have one, transform your tranquil backyard koi pond into a festive, tropical lagoon with these cool new Tiki Torch Water Spitters.

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Solo Stove Mesa Torches
A unique clean-burning stainless steel hearth that mounts to your wall like a television and uses recycled liquid ethanol fuel that gives off only water vapor, carbon dioxide, and room-warming heat.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
A massive 6.5 foot tall outdoor fireplace / grill inspired by industrial factory chimneys.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
Before you recycle, give your empty wine bottles an extra life as candle holders with these cool new Bottelabras.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
Where there's a blazing fire, there just might be a magical phoenix rising up from its ashes and that's exactly what is depicted with this cool new Phoenix Rising Fire Pit.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
Wood pellet-fueled outdoor patio heater tower produces over 72,000 BTUs of heat in a 10 foot radius and is virtually smokeless and produces very minimal ash.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
A state-of-the-art smoke and carbon monoxide detector that is not only smart, it isn't annoying.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
They're made from actual recycled bicycle parts, like freewheels and cogs, and hold an included tea light candle in the center.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
An ingeniously cool steel pressing device that turns your old newspapers into fireplace starter logs.
Solo Stove Mesa Torches
This fun fishing pole is designed to hold either four marshmallows or two hot dogs on the end of its line.

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