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Solar Tiki Torch Lights

Solar Tiki Torch Lights

Solar Tiki Torch Lights

This summer, illuminate your evenings outdoors with the relaxing flickering flames of tiki torches, minus the actual flames, using these cool new Solar Tiki Torch Lights. Unlike the typical bamboo-wrapped, oil-burning tiki torches that emit noxious smoke and tend to get knocked over onto the dry lawn, these modern solar-powered torches are made from sleek stainless steel and glass and use a realistic flickering LED flame bulb to simulate tropical island-like flames from dusk til dawn. They turn on and off automatically, charge for free via the power of the sun, and are perfect for staking down around patios, walkways, gardens, backyard luaus, castles, supervillain lairs, or wherever you tend to find tall flaming torches.

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  • Solar torch light features a realistic flicker for a relaxing evening outdoors
  • Gentle, realistic flicker helps set the stage for entertaining as dusk approaches
  • Turns on automatically at dusk and emits a gentle glow until dawn
  • Use alone or in multiples to line a walkway or accentuate a spot in the garden
  • Set the mood for evening entertainment
  • Creates an inviting ambiance
  • Clean, graceful lines - complements any decor style
  • Materials: Stainless steel, glass, LED
  • Size: 55" T x 3.5" Diameter

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