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Mosquito Repellant String Lights

Mosquito Repellant String Lights

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Would you like to enjoy the warm summer evenings entertaining outdoors without having to endlessly swat, slap, smack, and get bitten by obnoxious bloodsucking mosquitoes buzzing all around you? Prefer not having to breathe in all of those toxic chemicals from mosquito-repelling sprays and foggers? Then illuminate the night and scare off the annoying mosquitoes all at the same time with these cool new Mosquito Repellant String Lights. These innovative outdoor string lights can be switched from a normal white light over to an effective mosquito-repelling yellow wavelength (575-580nm) that helps to frighten mosquitoes away. They're perfect for patios, porches, decks, balconies, or anywhere you can plug them in that needs some muche-needed illuminated outdoor mosquito relief in the dark. 🦟 🤦‍♂️

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Ceci - Broken Lightbulb High-Powered LED Lamp
It may look like a broken lightbulb, but that's only an illusion. It is actually a high-powered LED bulb with a hand-blown heat-resistant Pyrex broken bulb lampshade around it.
Glow in the Dark Light Bulb Light Pull
This fun light bulb-shaped light pull glows in the dark to assist with nighttime string detection and helps to keep pesky closet monsters away.
H2Glow - Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light
H2Glow is a cool temperature-sensitive faucet light that makes water glow blue if the water is cool or red if the water is hot automatically using bright built-in LEDs.
Hanging Geometric Shark Sculpture / Chandelier
Part metal art, part chandelier, and all bite, this fearsome low poly-inspired (the polygon mesh in 3D graphics) geometric shark is handmade from faceted metal, illuminated from within by LEDs, and hangs from an adjustable height ceiling mount.
UMA Wireless Sound Lantern
This highly portable and luxuriously modern lantern / Bluetooth speaker combines 360 degree high fidelity surround sound with state-of the-art warm dim LED technology.
GlowCity Light Up LED Basketball
Looks, feels, and plays like a regular basketball and has two super bright LEDs secured inside to illuminate it with a fire-like red glow for playing hoops well into the night.
Lighted Billiard Balls
These cool and very real regulation-size and weight billiard balls actually light up and flash for a couple of seconds upon any impact. Each ball has 4 integrated LEDs and are powered by a battery that provides 50,000 flashes per ball.
Edison Bulb Table Lamp
This double-take-inducing table lamp features a modern LED Edison style light bulb inside a gigantic incandescent light bulb design. No need to screw it in.
Glow-in-the-Dark Yarn
This ball of yarn actually glows in the dark after being exposed to bright light. It's perfect for knitting glowing sweaters, hats, toys, and so much more.

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Mosquito Repellant String Lights
This castle attracts beneficial bats that eat almost 1,200 flying insects an hour including mosquitoes, help fertilize the ground, spread seeds, and pollinate.
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
When you've absolutely had it with the pesky giant housefly buzzing aimlessly around your house, take it out in a comical way using these cool new POW! SPLAT! Fly Swatters
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
The powerful scent of citronella in this handmade 100% soy wax candle will form an effective defensive shield around you and your guests during its 80+ hour burn time, plus it sends out an appropriate message to the enemy... Die Mosquitoes! Die!
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
High-tech and realistic owl replica moves its head and hoots when it detects motion to scare off annoying garden pests and people too!
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
This crocodile decoy floats around in a pool or pond or can even be posed on land to scare off birds, animals, neighbors, and other unwanted pests.
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
This all-natural mosquito repellent soap contains herbal extracts like citronella and menthol leaf which help protect you all day long from vicious mosquitoes, yet to other humans you'll just smell great with a natural fresh scent.
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
These bug-blocking pants are made from fine 1.2-mm netting that may seem lightweight and breathable to us, but acts like an impenetrable force field/suit of armor to the psychotic blood-sucking, disease-spreading mosquitoes.
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
Just stake this wooden shelter in your garden and watch as pollinators such as butterflies and solitary bees move right in and nest along with other beneficial pest-controlling insects such as ladybugs and lacewings.
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
Whenever you see a fly aimlessly buzzing around, a moth getting friendly with a light, or just any flying insect that you don't like, simply grab this pump-action shotgun, load the chamber with ordinary table salt, slide the cocking handle, aim, and fire.

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