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AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman

AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman

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Take a seat or put your feet up in style with this cool new AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman. This indoor / outdoor inflatable ottoman illuminates with 120 different colorful light combinations, has various lighting effects, is made from extra-tough PVC vinyl, and includes a remote to control it. It's perfect for backyard parties, poolside, game rooms, dorms, events, and much more and easily deflates and folds up for easy storage.

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AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
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AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
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AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
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AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
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AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
You don't really need to have this cool new Pizza Slice Neon Sign hanging on your wall, but isn't everything a little better with a slice of pizza? Illumination is nice too, right?.
AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
Super thin, credit card-sized lightbulb folds flat and fits in your wallet!
AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
These unique ribbed paper lanterns are handcrafted with mulberry paper that is inlaid with pressed leaves from the Hong Kong orchid tree. The paper is then stretched over a wooden frame of recycled pine and sustainable acacia.
AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
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AirCandy Illuminated Inflatable Ottoman
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