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AMC Theatres Movie Theater Popcorn

AMC Theatres Movie Theater Popcorn

AMC Theatres Movie Theater Popcorn

Do you prefer to stare at your phone while watching movies at home instead of sitting in a movie theater with others staring at their phones, but miss that authentic flavor of freshly popped movie theater popcorn to munch on? Then bring the theater concession stand home with this cool new AMC Theatres Movie Theater Popcorn. It's available in either pre-popped and ready-to-heat-and-eat bags of popcorn or in microwaveable varieties in flavors like classic butter, lightly salted, or extra butter with pourable buttery topping for the microwave version. Unfortunately, unlike at the movie theater, you'll need to clean up all the popcorn kernels you brushed onto the floor yourself. Hmm, I wonder if they consider this a prohibited outside food at actual AMC Theatres if you tried to sneak it in? šŸæšŸŽžļø

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