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Fan-Cooled Camping Chair

Fan-Cooled Camping Chair

Fan-Cooled Camping Chair

This summer, beat the sweltering heat when you sit around at a backyard BBQ, campsite, sporting event, fishing spot, parade route, poolside, or anywhere outdoors in total comfortable when you take a seat in this literally cool new Fan-Cooled Camping Chair. This portable outdoor camping chair from Japan has a built-in fan to deliver a refreshing cooling breeze from behind to help keep you cool and more comfortable on hot summer days. It features a mesh seating material to increase air circulation, can quickly be assembled or disassembled, and a has a generous 10 hour rechargeable battery life. It also pairs nicely with the equally cool Air-conditioned Cooling Shirt for maximum airflow breeze.

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  • Outdoor camping chair with integrated cooling fan
  • Perfect for long summer days outside or on a camping trip
  • Battery-powered fan ensures you will stay relaxed and cool even when outdoors in high temperatures
  • Delivers a cool breeze from behind from a large and effective single fan
  • Can be assembled easily in around a minute
  • Mesh materials increase air circulation
  • Fan output: 2.7 W
  • On/off switch on cable
  • Battery: 10,000 mAh
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • USB-chargeable

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