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FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

When you can't beat the heat, just slip on this literally cool new FlexiFreeze Ice Vest. This thin and lightweight cooling vest has 96 pure water ice packets in 3 freezable, removable panels to help bring down your body's core temperature, all while allowing the wearer a full range of motion . It's perfect for anyone working outside during sweltering hot summer days, people with heat sensitive medical conditions, or just anytime it's too damn hot inside or out.

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  • The lightest, thinnest, best performing, most cost effective cooling vest available today
  • Utilize the power of 96 pure water ice cubes to effectively bring down core temperature
  • Each vest is outfitted with three freezable, removable panels that are attached with Velcro or a zipper for quick and easy replacement
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides full range of motion and is adjustable in four locations allowing for a snug fit from sizes XS to 6X
  • Constructed from neoprene and rip-stop materials
  • Vest and panels are machine washable with ice sheets removed
  • Use: people living with heat sensitive medical conditions
  • Use: people working in heat stress related occupations
  • Use: anyone looking to stay cool during outdoor activities like mowing the lawn, gardening, or walking the dog
  • Panels can be swapped out for new frozen ones when the time comes for extended cooling
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs

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