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Yuen'to Elefan

Yuen'to Elefan

Yuen'to Elefan

When you combine an elephant's trunk with a fan, you get something like this cool new Yuen'to Elefan . This little fan has an adjustable and extendable duct that can move air in virtually any direction you need it. It's much safer than traditonal fans too, since the blade isn't exposed. A unique way to cool down during the sweltering days of Summer that's small enough for the nightstand or desk at work.

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  • Duct-type fan is inspired by institutional use fans
  • Wind direction and angle can be adjusted in any way by moving the duct
  • Safe since the blade is not exposed
  • Power mode - strong, weak, rhythmical
  • Blue LED indicator, extendable duct, aroma diffuser
  • USB cable charger included

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