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Cooling Fan Necktie

Cooling Fan Necktie

Cooling Fan Necktie

Stuck in a hot office all summer? Well don't get all hot around the collar, just slip on this cool new Cooling Fan Necktie. This unique necktie from Japan has a built-in internal cooling fan hidden away in the knot that activates and appears when you tug the tie downwards and connect it to USB. I'm not sure it it's as effective as simply turning on the A/C or a tabletop fan, but it is way more hilarious.

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  • Necktie has an internal cooling fan that keep you from getting too hot around the collar
  • Get some easy cooling directly to your body with a simple tug downwards
  • Hidden fan at the top for cooling down your sweltering body in the summer months
  • Easy controls let you turn the power on/off and adjust the fan speed
  • Just connect the tie to your computer with the USB cord
  • USB cord runs right through the tie itself so on the surface you will look basically like any other person at their desk,
  • Size: 18.9" x 3.7" x 0.9"

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