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My Hibachi BBQ - 3-in-1 Sit Around Grill

My Hibachi BBQ - 3-in-1 Sit Around Grill

My Hibachi BBQ - 3-in-1 Sit Around Grill


Think you have what it takes to entertain while you grill like Japanese Teppanyaki chefs do at hibachi-style restaurants? Then check out this cool new My Hibachi BBQ. This 3-in-1 propane grill not only combines a stainless steel flat top Teppanyaki griddle, a traditional BBQ grill, and a multi-purpose cast iron stove top, it also has 3 integrated fold-out tables and 4 folding stools that allow your friends and family to gather around while you prepare their food with masterful flair. You can even let everyone take turns to prepare their own foods as well. Best of all, the entire BBQ compactly folds down to fit in most car trunks allowing it to be taken anywhere where a fun hibachi grill is needed like a backyard party or while tailgating. Check out this video to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • 3-In-1 propane gas grill includes flat top griddle, BBQ grill, and a cast iron stove top
  • Flat top Teppanyaki griddle is ideal for pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, veggies, and more
  • 10 mm thick griddle top and BBQ rack are both constructed with commercial grade 304 stainless steel
  • Hibachi/ BBQ Grill rack is ideal for grilling kabobs, burgers, steaks, chicken, pork, fish, and more
  • Multi-purpose cast iron stove top is ideal for wok, Skillet and Dutch-oven cooking, plus roasting marshmallows
  • 40, 000 BTU dual cast iron burner
  • 3 integrated folding eating tables and 4 folding stools
  • Portable outdoor grill is very accessible, allowing you to take it almost anywhere

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