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Clever Kebab Maker

Clever Kebab Maker

Clever Kebab Maker

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Mmm, kebabs! Or is it kabobs? Anyways, now you can quickly and easily prepare up to 16 of them at once, without the mess, using this cool new Clever Kebab Maker. Simply layer your favorite ingredients inside, insert the stainless steel skewers, slice through the openings on the side to make perfect bite-size 1.2" cubes, remove each kebab, and grill them up. This innovative and multi-functional kebab maker also includes a built-in ceramic knife sharpener, a detachable citrus juicer, a fruit and vegetable strainer, folds flat into a cutting board, and is also perfect for making veggie skewers, fruit and cheese appetizers, unique desserts, croutons, and more. I'm suddenly getting mighty hungry.


  • Quickly and easily make perfect kebabs in just minutes without the mess
  • Simply layer your ingredients inside, insert the skewers, slice and voila! 16 perfect kebabs
  • Can also be used to make veggie skewers, fruits and cheese appetizers, desserts, croutons, and more
  • Lays flat for the ideal cutting surface
  • Opens up to make the perfect strainer for rinsing your fresh fruits and veggies
  • Built in ceramic sharpener
  • Detachable juicer
  • 6-in-1 KEBAB MAKER: Cutter, Strainer, Knife Sharpener, Display Stand, Stencil, Juicer
  • UNIVERSAL: Works with 3/16" and 1/8" Skewers
  • PERFECT BITE-SIZE KEBABS: 1.2" Cubes Won't Shrink to Nothing After Cooking
  • DETACHABLE: Food Grade Plastic, Easy to Clean, Dish Washer Safe

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