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Grill Floss - Ultimate BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool

Grill Floss - Ultimate BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool

Grill Floss - Ultimate BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool

If you have round stainless steel grates on your BBQ grill, then toss out that bristle brush that tends to leave dangerous bristles behind and only cleans one side and check out this cool new Grill Floss. This ingenious grill cleaning tool reaches around and cleans all sides of each rounded grate rod by scraping away caked on grease and debris with a simple push, turn, and pull movement. It features tough 304 stainless steel construction, a dual-sized cleaning head for small and large round grill grates, a long 20 inch handle, and is made in the USA. Great grill cleaning solution. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.

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  • Cleans ALL sides of round grill grates without ever lifting the grates
  • Cleans where a brush can't reach - all sides of the grill grates, including the sides and bottom of the grill rods
  • Wraps around each grill rod scraping off the toughest caked-on grill gunk
  • Dual-Sized Cleaning Head for small and large round grill grate
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 20-inch long handle to reach all areas of a hot grill
  • GrillFloss only works on round grill grates
  • No more worrying about bbq brush bristles that rub off and end up hiding in your food
  • Built to last - Stainless steel construction that can take a beating from weather and time
  • Pays for itself - Saving you tons of money wasted on brushes and scour pads
  • Easy to clean - Simply wipe away any grill gunk from cleaning blade
  • Made in the USA

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