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Brontosaurus Paper Towel Holder

Brontosaurus Paper Towel Holder

Brontosaurus Paper Towel Holder

Back in the modern Stone Age, the advanced cave people of the time used the long necks of baby Brontosauruses to hold paper towel rolls on the kitchen counter, along with pigs for garbage disposals, mammoths for showers, and giant crabs for lawnmowers, just to name a few. Well now you too can live the life of Jurassic-inspired luxury too with this cool new yet quite extinct Brontosaurus Paper Towel Holder. This little brontosaurus has the perfect shaped neck to hold a paper towel roll in your kitchen next to your elephant-powered sink or even a couple of extra rolls of toilet paper in your bathroom next to your pelican toilet. Makes a great gift for dinosaur lovers, paleontologists, and thawed out cavemen.

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  • Brontosaurus Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder
  • Their long necks are perfect for reaching tall branches, and holding your paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
  • Add some Jurassic charm to your kitchen countertop or bathroom with this helpful brontosaurus towel holder
  • Its neck is the right length for standard paper towel rolls
  • Made from dense poly-resin that will survive bumps and falls
  • Head pops off for quick change of rolls
  • Get it for the dinosaur enthusiast in your life.
  • Size: 17" H

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