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Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser

Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser

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I love cereal in the morning. There's nothing better to me than a big bowl of Frosted Flakes while I'm watching the morning news. Well, it appears that I can eliminate storing cereal boxes all together if I use the Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser. The one I like has dual dispensers that hold around 17 oz. each. Plenty of room for a box of cereal in one dispenser and cashews in the other. The unit has a great stainless steel design and each airtight dispenser has a simple 360 degree rotation knob to dispense proper portions of your favorite dry foods, including cereal, candy, nuts, rice, coffee beans, etc. I really like it.

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Perfect for dispensing soaps or lotions in your bathroom or outhouse and can even be used with BBQ sauce and more at your next cookout.
Star Wars Darth Vader or Stormtrooper Helmet Snack Dispenser
Automatically serve up nuts, seeds, or even dry pet snacks for your baby Rancor Monster with just a wave of your hand, no Jedi powers required, with these cool new Star Wars Darth Vader or Stormtrooper Helmet Snack Dispensers from Takara Tomy Arts in Japan.
Whiskey Barrel Drink Dispenser / Decanter
This gorgeous decanter / drink dispenser has a mango wood barrel exterior with stainless steel banding and an antique pewter finish, a glass interior to prevent the angel's from taking their share, a stainless steel spigot, and a wide cork top.
Wall-Mount Triple Canister Cereal and Dry Food Dispenser
Store and dispense dry goods such as cereal, rice, pasta, beans, oatmeal, nuts, and more from these three space-saving, wall-mounted canisters.
Titanic Gravy Boat
Mashed Potatoes!!! Right ahead!
Gigantic Gumball Machine - Holds Almost 40,000 Gumballs!
If you really, really, really like to chew gum, then this massive towering gumball machine ought to keep you chewing for a lifetime! Gumballs not included.
Durachill Beverage Dispenser
This sleek stainless steel drink dispenser keeps drinks ice cold without dilution or messy condensation using two individual ice chambers inside.
Glass Skull Drink Dispenser
This Halloween, celebrate the season of the witch with all your thirsty friends and fiends gathered around this spooky Glass Skull Drink Dispenser.
Custom Bourbon Barrel Double Bottle Liquor Dispenser
A rustic, wall-mounted alcohol dispenser made from a reclaimed bourbon barrel head that holds and dispenses from two liquor bottles of your choice and can be personalized with a name and date.

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Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
Like other creamers, this one holds milk or cream for your coffee or tea, but if you look closely you can see that this one features four cow udders to remind you of where cream actually comes from.
Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
This unique lasagna pan from Chicago Metallic has three separate sections for conveniently baking up three different lasagna recipes at the same time.
Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
Boiling water seems like a simple thing, but if you watch the pot it never seems to boil and when you look away it suddenly boils in dangerous frothy mess. The solution is this cool new Ceramic Pot Minder from JBK Pottery.
Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
This innovative nonstick skillet is divided into five compartments, allowing one to prepare an enticing plethora of food combinations in the kitchen, at a campsite, or even while tailgating.
Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
Use it to spoon up sauces and marinades and then easily roll them on meats to baste them!
Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
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Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
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Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
A miniature version of a full-sized wooden shipping pallet that's perfect for protecting your countertop and dining table from hot pots, pans, and dishes
Zevro Stainless Steel Indispensable Dispenser
When your drink gets too warm and needs to be saved, just toss in one of these funny life preserver shaped ice cubes. They're perfect for boat parties or just whenever you feel nautical.

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