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Loch Ness Monster Salt, Pepper and Oil Set

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Loch Ness Monster Salt, Pepper and Oil Set

The cool new Loch Ness Monster Salt, Pepper, and Oil Set is a double-take inducing three-piece ceramic set that makes it seem as if old mythical Nessie from Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands is swimming along the surface of your kitchen counter or dining table. The head holds an oil of your choice that pours from the possibly ancient sea serpent's mouth, the torso holds the pepper, and the tail has the salt. If you stretch out the parts you can make it seem bigger or smaller below the surface. It's the perfect salt, pepper, and oil dispenser set whether you believe in monsters, seek out myths, or just love a good hoax. I heard that Bigfoot owned the exact same set before he was abducted by UFOs and dropped off in the lost city of Atlantic near the Bermuda Triangle.

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