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Cacti Salt and Pepper Grinders

Cacti Salt and Pepper Grinders

Cacti Salt and Pepper Grinders

Normally, one wouldn't even think of grabbing a sharp prickly cactus, twisting it around, and expecting fresh ground pepper instead of water to emerge, but that's what you get with these cool new Cacti Salt and Pepper Grinders. These desert plant-inspired salt and pepper mills are crafted from beech wood to look like a tall green cacti, minus the painful spikes, and use durable ceramic grinders to efficiently grind down peppercorns, Himalayan salt, sea salt, and more. Perfect for any kitchen countertop or dining table set in a Southwest theme or anyone who prefers a unique cactus over a traditional boring old pepper mill.

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  • These desert-style accents have ceramic grinders, which are sturdier than traditional metal ones
  • Sprinkled throughout South America, cacti can hold a ton of water, but these two left the Andes for something better: salt and pepper
  • Beech wood designs give your kitchen or dining room a bit of desert-style cool
  • Like most grinders, they grind all kinds of salt - Himalayan or sea salt - and fresh peppercorns
  • Grinders are made from ceramic, which is sturdier than traditional metal designs
  • Size Tall: 2" Diameter x 10.75" H
  • Size Short: 2" Diameter x 8.75" H

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