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Magnetic Grilling Spice Set

Magnetic Grilling Spice Set

Magnetic Grilling Spice Set

Keep the essential grilling spices and seasonings near the grill, yet completely out of the way, with this cool new Cuisinart Magnetic Grilling Spice Set. This three piece set of sleek magnetic spice containers includes a spice grinder, a salt and pepper shaker, and a BBQ rub seasoning shaker. They feature super strong magnetic bases that attach to any flat metal surface, stainless steel accents, clear chambers to see the spice levels inside, and containers that close to seal out moisture. Yes, you will still probably stick them under the grill shelf, forget that you did that, yell at everyone else for wandering off with them, continue to stew about it throughout the winter, and then accidentally find them again next spring.

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