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Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt

Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt

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Had it with flies and other assorted flying insect pests? Prefer not to swat them into a messy splatter on the table? Then blast them into oblivion with this cool new Bug-A-Salt Salt Gun. Whenever you see a fly aimlessly buzzing around, a moth getting friendly with a light, or just any flying insect that you don't like, simply grab this pump-action shotgun, load the chamber with ordinary table salt, slide the cocking handle, aim, and fire. BAM! ... dead. It shoots up to 100 shoots before reloading and has an effective range of 36". I don't know about you, but this seems like a much more fun and satisfying way to deal with flying insect elimination or just use it to season your food. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Solar Bug Eliminator
Summer is coming and so are the squadrons of infinitely annoying, buzzing, biting, stinging flying insect squadrons. The total war against these enemy mosquitos, gnats, flies, hornets, wasps, etc. otherwise known as bugs, gets bloodier year by year. The good news is that humans now have yet another new weapon in the arsenal and it's powered byt the sun!
Bug Jacket with Head Net
This fine mesh netting acts like an impenetrable force field from the endless squadrons of buzzing, biting and stinging insects, so you can enjoy the great outdoors in peace.
Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
When you activate this harmless odor-free, chemical-free, DEET-free bracelet, it emits a low frequency that repels mosquitoes away from a personal 6 foot radius around you.
Mosquito Repellant String Lights
These outdoor string lights can be switched from a normal white light over to a mosquito-repelling yellow wavelength (575-580nm) that helps frighten them away.
Pool Guarding Gator Decoy
While it may look like a real alligator is swimming through the water, this faux gator is actually just a realistic buoyant decoy with a head, torso, and tail that moves freely around with the wind and water movement.
POW! SPLAT! Fly Swatters
When you've absolutely had it with the pesky giant housefly buzzing aimlessly around your house, take it out in a comical way using these cool new POW! SPLAT! Fly Swatters
Intelli-Trap Mosquito Trap
Take back the summer from the swarms of mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other buzzing, biting, stinging flying insects. This trap uses a powerful combination of attractants like heat, CO2, and a safe non-toxic chemical to draw in insects, while UV light disrupts their vision and a fan sucks them into a trap for easy disposal.
Insect Push Pins
Creepy push pins disguised as realistic giant ants and mosquitoes.
Bugs Away Yellow Globe String Lights
These festive outdoor string lights use unique yellow glass bulbs that flying insects can't see or be attracted to, unlike white or clear bulbs.

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Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
This unique spice rack is handcrafted by Colorado woodworker Brad Evans from reclaimed Napa Valley wine barrels with strong magnets embedded inside the wooden staves to magically hold 12 1/4 cup canisters right to the side.
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
When grinding up fresh herbs while cooking (or other things), I don't believe that I've ever thought about global thermonuclear war while doing it, until I came across this cool new herb grinder modeled after a Mark VI Nuclear Bomb.
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
Just sprinkle some of this fine dust made from genuine hand-crushed Chinese and Japanese pearls into your champagne, white wine, martini, etc. and it gives off a shimmering, pearly iridescence, smoothes off the acidic edge and some say, acts as a potent aphrodisiac.
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
Pure and natural rock salt from the foothills of the Himalayas comes with a custom grater to grate fresh salt at the table!
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
Just fill this mysterious and monolithic head up with whole peppercorns and push the nose for a sneeze-free dash of pepper. Mystery solved.
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
Unlike the typical heavy, blunt-ended club-like pestles, this one is a solid oak wood wheel that is inspired by traditional Chinese tea grinders and the mortar is an oblong, high-sided porcelain bowl.
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
This fun, ceramic shaker is able hold salt, pepper and sugar all-in-one!
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
This innovative little contraption is like a spice jar for fresh herbs that preserves them in your freezer until needed and then lets you twist out a desired amount for grating directly onto food or slicing off a disk with a knife for cooking.
Bug-A-Salt - Blasts Flying Insect Pests With Salt
This organic, hand-harvested sea salt is fused with Oregon's famed Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines to give it hints of fruit and color!

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