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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket

Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket

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You might hate mosquitoes, but they utterly love you and want nothing more than to sting you, drink your blood, leave behind a deadly disease if at all possible, and basically ruin a good time. So instead of dousing yourself in harmful chemical insect-repellent sprays, breathing in noxious citronella candle smoke that never seems to work, or fleeing to an indoor shelter, simply don this cool new Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket and let the world's most deadly animal to humans just safely bounce right off you.

This somewhat stylish wearable netting is designed in the shape of a hooded, lightweight jacket. It's made from a fine 1.2-mm netting, zips-up in front, has an integrated hood to shield the face and neck without obscuring vision, and extendable cuffs with thumbholes to protect hands. It's the perfect insect shield to wear when traveling, especially in mosquito-infested tropical climates, while out hiking, camping, or exploring the great outdoors, or just trying to enjoy a relaxing Summer backyard BBQ. Although it may prevent the spread of Malaria, West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and itchy bites, it still won't drown out the horrendous buzzing sounds all around your netted shield of the endless legions of these minuscule flying monsters attempt to find a way inside...

Note: Pairs nicely with these Mosquito Net Pants.

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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
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