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Everbloomin' Japanese Beetle Trap

Everbloomin' Japanese Beetle Trap

Everbloomin' Japanese Beetle Trap

If you're at war with those little shiny, metallic-green bugs known as Japanese Beetles invading your yard and garden, then add this cool new Everbloomin' Japanese Beetle Trap to your arsenal. Although your roses, vegetable plants, grapes, raspberries, flowers, trees, and shrubs are very tasty to these voracious little insects, this seemingly harmless massive daffodil will seem irresistible, except... it's a trap!

This innovative dual-action trap lures, traps, and kills up to 5x more Japanese Beetles than single-bait lures using both floral and pheromone components to attract them into the flower where they fall down the stem into a collection bag to dry up and die. It's constructed from powder-coated steel and doubles as a unique garden sculpture, but just hope it doesn't attract giant mutant bees too.

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  • This large, decorative daffodil lures and traps Japanese beetles to prevent them from munching your roses, grapes, etc.
  • Dual-action lure includes both floral and pheromone components
  • Attracts up to 5 times as many beetles as single-bait lures
  • Traps and kills destructive Japanese beetles
  • Doubles as a garden sculpture
  • Footed ground stake holds trap securely upright
  • Lure lasts one season
  • Additional lures and replacement collection bags are available.
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Flower Size: 13.75" Diameter
  • Size: 49" H Installed

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