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Bird Scaring Flying Hawk Kite for Yards, Gardens, and Farms

Bird Scaring Flying Hawk Kite for Yards, Gardens, and Farms

Bird Scaring Flying Hawk Kite for Yards, Gardens, and Farms

There's a large evergreen outside of Green Head Headquarters that has been completely overtaken by obnoxious little birds that have turned it into some kind of mega command center. Relaxing birdsong is one thing, but listening to this legion of feathered nightmares is a flat out assault on the ears. Add in all the damage they've done to the furniture, the messy outpost / lookout nests they've created in every nook possible, the endless bombings of white splatter across every surface, and actually being attacked when I go out there to show them who's in charge has taken its toll on my former bird loving self. There's no chance for peace. There's no way to negotiate a deal. It's time for total war!

You bet I've tried everything in the traditional bird control arsenal to scare them off. Bird netting, fake owls, expensive ultrasonic deterrents, bird spikes, reflective disc things, etc., etc., etc. None have worked. The next step before this turns into a full blown Hitchcock horror movie is either I'm going to chop down the evergreen for good, hire packs of hungry feral mercenary cats, buy a flamethrower, start throwing hand grenades, or just try this cool new Bird Scaring Flying Hawk Kite instead.

This giant hawk-shaped kite attaches via string to an angled pole in the ground that can be adjusted up to 13 feet and flies around all on its own in the wind just like a hawk to effectively scare off smaller nuisance birds. The hawk kite features an impressive 54 inch wingspan, has reflective sequins to further help scare off birds, and can be used anywhere from residential backyards and gardens to commercial farms, vineyards, and orchards. Hmm, this thing might attract more hawks and create an entirely new problematic situation, but I guess I'll just have to deal with that in a future post.

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