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Solar Bug Eliminator

Solar Bug Eliminator

Solar Bug Eliminator

Summer is coming and so are the squadrons of infinitely annoying, buzzing, biting, stinging flying insect squadrons. The total war against these enemy mosquitos, gnats, flies, hornets, wasps, etc. otherwise known as bugs, gets bloodier year by year. The good news is that humans now have yet another new weapon in the arsenal and it's powered by the sun! It's time to once and for all send these evil flying predators into the light with the Solar Bug Eliminator.

Eight solar powered ultraviolet LED bulbs protect an 1-1/2 acre property by attracting these unwanted pests into an electrically charged energy grid. Even on cloudy days the fixed amorphous solar cells on top of the unit collect and store energy from the sun, waiting to unleash it each night. Relax weekend warriors, the battle for a quiet evening of outdoor buzz-free relaxation is nearly at hand and that soothing zapping sound you hear in the distance is the sound of victory.

Never rest too easy though and never underestimate this cunning multi-eyed winged micro-enemy. These bugs always seem to regroup, respawn and return each year -- sometimes in greater numbers and sometimes with mutant lightning bugs!

In this unending war against bugs... We will be ready... We will not retreat into the house... We will not surrender our evening BBQs... We shall prevail...

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  • Crafted of weather-hardy, die-cast aluminum with a powder-coated steel grid
  • Fixed amorphous solar cell collects and stores energy even on cloudy days
  • 8 ultraviolet LED bulbs
  • Covers a range up to 1-1/2 acres
  • 2 rechargeable batteries included

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