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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control

Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control

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If you have trouble with birds doing their business all over your home, have mice or other pests scurrying about your garden or just want to unnerve visitors and trick-or-treaters, set up this cool new Motion Sensing Owl.

This 16" high-tech and realistic owl replica waits in the shadows to scare off annoying garden pests like birds, rabbits, moles and even people too. When this night predator detects movement, it turns its head, looks around and belts out a loud, lifelike hoot to frighten its prey. It can also be set for head movement only, if you want some peace and quiet. It's made of sturdy, weather-resistant polyresin for year-round natural pest protection without need for traps or chemicals and easily mounts to railings, banisters and posts.

Next up terrifying robotic scarecrows!!!

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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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Motion Sensing Owl - Bird And Pest Control
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