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OXO Candela Luau Portable Lamp

OXO Candela Luau Portable Lamp

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The cool new OXO Candela Luau combines a stylish indoor table lamp with a long-lasting outdoor lantern to create the ultimate in portable illumination. This unique light looks just as at home on a bedroom nightstand as it does on a leisurely nighttime stroll or while dining outdoors in the evening.

This stylish, rechargeable lantern stays lit for up to 10 hours depending on brightness setting and uses a dimmable, 50-Watt-equivalent LED light source inside. Simply set up the discreet charging pod anywhere you need a lamp and while it's charging, it can be used as a regular dimmable table lamp. When it's removed from the charger base or if there's a power outtage, it auto-illuminates, but can also be dimmed or turned off by rotating the lamp base to conserve the charge. It features a durable, water-resistant polycarbonate housing with a stainless steel handle, perfect for holding or hanging it up.

I really love this lamp. It's part table lamp, part emergency light, part night light, part flashlight, part candle and part lantern. A great all-in-one lighting source, suitable for the indoors or out, with a stylish modern design as well. A little expensive, but very cool nontheless.

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