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Bed Light - Discreet Motion-Activated Under the Bed Lighting

Bed Light - Discreet Motion-Activated Under the Bed Lighting

When you awaken in the middle of the night, don't painfully stumble around in the dark or flip on lights disturbing others trying to sleep, because there's now a better solution. The cool new Bed Light from mylight is an automatic under the bed lighting system that softly and discreetly illuminates the floor underneath to guide you when you step out of bed and trigger the motion detection sensors. The two LED strips also turn off automatically after a certain amount of time when no movement is detected or if there's already light present. It's also perfect for under bathroom sinks, under baby cribs, in the closet, under cabinets, or under kid's beds to warm them that monsters are moving around underneath and to hide under the covers until light goes off again (hmm, that would actually be terrifying). Check out the demo video to see it in action.

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