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Ginko Message Click Clock

Ginko Message Click Clock

Ginko Message Click Clock

"I mean, down here there are literally hundreds and thousands of blinking, beeping, and flashing lights, blinking, beeping and flashing - they're flashing and they're beeping. I can't stand it anymore! They're blinking and beeping and flashing!" - Buck Murdock (Airplane II: The Sequel)

I don't know about you, but I'm getting to be utterly exhausted from all the endless computer, television, laptop, phone, tablet, and other assorted screens in my face all day and well into the night, not to mention all the ridiculous blinking and flashing LEDs on every single thing.... (deep breath)

The cool new Message Click Clock is a high tech, anti-technology solution to simple bedside timekeeping and end of sleep cycle human waking that basically looks like a rustic solid block of decorative timber. To activate, simply snap your fingers or clap your hands and the display magically appears through a thin beech-wood veneer to give the time, date, and ambient temperature and then shuts off when the room is peacefully quiet. It has regular alarm functions as well, but it also can scroll through 1 of 7 personal motivational messages when the alarm goes off each morning.

Seriously, why does my electric razor need 58 different LED status lights? Why?!

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  • Made from timber with a stylish beech-wood effect veneer
  • Wake up each morning to your own personal uplifting message
  • Time, date, ambient temperature, and your message at the click of your fingers or clap your hands
  • Automatically switches off when the room is quiet
  • Easily program and store up to 7 different messages
  • Has all your regular alarm clock and snooze functionality
  • Ability to set weekday or weekend alarms
  • 12/24H, ℃/°F and UK/EU/USA date formats can be selected
  • You can lock the display to be permanently on if you wish
  • Internal back-up memory battery

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