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Good Morning Sir - Talking Alarm Clock

Good Morning Sir - Talking Alarm Clock

Good Morning Sir - Talking Alarm Clock

"I'm delighted you have survived another night. May I add my own congratulations to the roar of the world's approval? Thank you, sir."

Begin your day with the cool new and exquisitely proper Good Morning Sir - Talking Alarm Clock. Rather than waking to the sounds of deafening bells, sirens and beeps, this one awakens you to the sounds of gentle birdsong, followed by a discreet cough, then the words "Good morning, Sir" and then finally a message from the charming, dry and proper Englishman, Stephen Fry, who reprises his role as Jeeves, a gentleman's gentleman. This classical alarm clock features substantial wood housing, hand finished with a black laquer, a glass front to protect the hands, a light for late-night time checks and high-spec voice chips for superior voice quality. Jeeves has around 130 or so different sayings, which is more than enough to have a new one every single morning for six months, before they start repeating. It also includes a 90 second restful call for sleep when its time to retire for the evening. Brilliant!

Click the audio player above to hear some sample sayings from the clock or head on over to to hear even more.

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