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Blowfly - Flying Alarm Clock by Ena Macana

Blowfly - Flying Alarm Clock by Ena Macana

Designer Ena Macana has come up with a great concept for an alarm clock, The Blowfly - Flying Alarm Clock. I can have ten alarms going off beeping and flashing all around me and I'll sleep right through it, but an alarm clock that flies up into the air and buzzes around like an annoying fly or mosquito is a really interesting idea that just might work.

The problem with normal alarm clocks is that you don't have to think to shut them down, so you basically hit the snooze (or accidentally shut it off) in your sleep, where this one makes you get up out of bed to try and catch it. Sounds cool, I'd love to try it, but how many early mornings of this until you swat it for good. Let us know in the Comments what your favorite type of alarm clock is.

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