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Etch Clock - Minimalist Transforming Digital Clock / Sculpture

Etch Clock - Minimalist Transforming Digital Clock / Sculpture

Watching the time fly by is normally kinda boring, but you'll be paying close attention to it when you gaze upon this cool new Etch Clock from Swiss designers Johnny Vaccaro and Gilles Caprari. This modern, minimalist clock / sculptural timekeeper tells the time by transforming a flat thermoelastic membrane into 3D numerals that look as if they were engraved right into the surface. The surface wipes itself blank very 30 seconds and then redisplays the updated time. It features an aluminum frame, a free smartphone app to control the time settings, and it can either be hung on the wall or left freestanding. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Cool huh?


  • Designers: Johnny Vaccaro and Gilles Caprari
  • Surface is made of a transforming thermoelastic membrane that forms 3D digital numbers
  • Numbers appear to be engraved into the surface
  • As the time changes, the surface is wiped blank every 30 seconds followed by the updated time
  • Elegant aluminium frame and an elastic surface of elastomer with a dark Peacock color
  • Via an app, you can select 12- or 24-hour time and program the display to respond to sound
  • Reflects how each moment is fleeting and unique
  • Hang on a wall or lean freestanding
  • App available for iOS and Android
  • Swiss design and engineering
  • Size: 16" H x 16" W x 2.5" D

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