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Metal Spiral Wind Spinner

Metal Spiral Wind Spinner

Metal Spiral Wind Spinner

This cool new Metal Spiral Wind Spinner is sculptural kinetic yard art powered by the breeze that resembles a spiraling movie filmstrip. The metal has a mix of antiqued finishes in gold, silver, and bronze colors to add interest to the twisting movement and a sturdy ground stake keeps in securely in place. Now while it's difficult to tell from the pictures, check out the video below to see it in action and also see that the metal spiral alone is over 3 feet tall and the entire stake stands nearly 7 feet tall. It's quite dramatic.

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  • Metallic spirals that resemble strands of a movie filmstrip create a stunning visual experience in even a light breeze
  • Mix of antiqued finishes in silver, gold and bronze colors adds elegance and movement to any outdoor space
  • Sturdy metal stakes ensure secure installation in the ground
  • Size: 13.75" Diameter x 81" H - Spiral 37" H

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