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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights

Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights

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These cool new Mushroom Solar Path Lights are a string of 20 realistic-looking faux mushrooms with white caps that illuminate at night to give pathways, gardens, planters, fence lines, and more a bit of a magical atmosphere. These whimsical staked string lights are connected to a solar panel that can store up enough energy during the day to provide 8 to 10 hours of lighting at night, extend over 32 feet in length, are IP65 waterproof, and have 8 different lighting modes. Now, if they happen to attract fairies and other magical little forest creatures, that's just a welcome bonus.

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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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Illuminated Mushroom Solar Path Lights
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