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Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb

Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb

Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb

Light up your next bath with a fizzy and fragrant green glow with this cool new Glow Bomb from Da Bomb. Just drop this fun bath bomb into a bathtub filled with warm water and watch as it unleashes a magical green color and a fragrant honeydew scent as it fizzes away to expose a super bright, water-activated light cube hidden in the center that makes the water glow green. Each bath bomb is handmade in the USA from simple, non-toxic ingredients that won't stain your tub or turn you green, even though that would be kind of cool too.

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  • Light up your bath with a fizzy green glow
  • This fragrant honeydew bath fizzer has a luminous surprise inside
  • Light cube inside the bath bomb turns on when exposed to water
  • Handmade in the USA using just a few, simple ingredients
  • Won't stain your tub or skin
  • Each bath bomb produces a fun, non-toxic fizzing experience
  • Simply fill your bath tub with warm water and drop in one fragrant bath bomb

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