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Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb

Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb

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Light up your next bath with a fizzy and fragrant green glow with this cool new Glow Bomb from Da Bomb. Just drop this fun bath bomb into a bathtub filled with warm water and watch as it unleashes a magical green color and a fragrant honeydew scent as it fizzes away to expose a super bright, water-activated light cube hidden in the center that makes the water glow green. Each bath bomb is handmade in the USA from simple, non-toxic ingredients that won't stain your tub or turn you green, even though that would be kind of cool too.

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Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper
Whether you're out camping, covering trees, surviving a power outage, or just using the bathroom at night, this handy roll of illuminated TP will light the way.
Live Edge Charred Teak Bath Caddy
This adjustable-sized bath caddy shelf is crafted from teak wood that has been charred to a matte black finish and has rustic live edges making each one truly unique.
Thanko Compact Home Hand Dryer
This convenient, household hand drying device doesn't need to be installed on the wall like commercial hot air hand dryers and has a compact and portable design that allows it to fit in nicely anywhere from a bathroom to a laundry room or even to a garage.
Volcano Tissue Dispenser
This fun wooden tissue holder is shaped like a miniature volcano that dispenses an eruption of tissues from its lava vent, minus all the lava
VALIRYO - Full Body Dryer
This full body dryer can be installed inside or outside of a shower and dries from head to toe using a pleasant, temperature-controlled air massage.
Float Clear Bath Ball - Water Cleaner
These cute little bath balls float around in the tub and absorb all the oil, dirt and residue that's swirling around you in the water.
Crystal Mouthwash Decanter
This 24% lead crystal vessel makes water, as well as mouthwash, bubble bath and bath oil, look better in your home.
Joe the Hippo Bath Plug
If you feel like you're being watched after slipping down into a soothing bath, don't worry, it's probably just Joe lurking beneath the water. Joe the Hippo that is.
Glue Tube - Toilet Paper Dispenser
Super glue and toilets aren't usually a good combination, but this cool new Glue Tube - Toilet Paper Dispenser is the odd exception.

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Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
This double-take-inducing, battery-powered light bulb uses 100 tiny LEDs to recreate the filament look of a classic Edison incandescent bulb.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
Shojis are cordless lanterns that collect sun all day to glow at night.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
This retro, space age-inspired DIY craft kit allows you to create a whimsical rocket ship that appears to be actually blasting off.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
Each of the 20 LED bulbs on the strand are encased in a real chunk of Himalayan pink salt, which is renowned for its natural pink hues and potential benefits.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
A decorative vase, planter, and torch all rolled into one.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
Battery powered miniature LED table lamp, complete with fully working pull chain on/off switch.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
These gloves make your hands look like colorful glowing skeleton bones in the darkness, kind of like an X-Ray. 12 colors and 13 color-changing modes.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
These fun illuminated balloon lamps let you permanently enjoy an escaped helium balloon up on the ceiling and have a dangling string pull switch.
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
This unique kit lets you easily create large spheres of ice that are illuminated from within by tealight candles that are perfect for displaying along walkways, on the front porch, in place of a snowman's head, or even indoors as a luminary centerpiece

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