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Illuminated UFO Night Kite

Illuminated UFO Night Kite

Illuminated UFO Night Kite

This cool new UFO Night Kite from HENGDA KITE not only illuminates the darkness as you fly it at night, it also might trigger a wave of panicked flying saucer sightings all across your town. When flown during the day, it looks just like a large triangular kite flying through the sky, but at night, its 136 super bright LEDs that are arranged in the shape of a UFO should definitely draw some attention as they all blink in patterns of random colors. If you want to simulate an alien invasion, simply pick up a few additional kites. Unfortunately, this bright night kite might attract actual extraterrestrials flying by who will most likely beam you straight up for some good old-fashioned probing and then serve you up as the tasty main course for dinner.

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