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Wash n' Roar Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Shower Head

Wash n' Roar Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Shower Head

Wash n' Roar Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Shower Head

This cool new yet totally prehistoric Wash n' Roar T-Rex Shower Head from Funwares would not only be perfect for the hotel bathroom showers at Jurassic Park, er, Jurassic World, it also adds a bit of fun and ferocity to modern day showers at home as well. While not quite as large as an actual T-Rex skull, this miniature plastic replica is designed to fit on standard shower pipes and has 9 jets inside its monstrous jaws to create a refreshing spray of dino spit. Unfortunately, it's not quite as powerful as a blast of water from a woolly mammoth trunk, but those shower heads went extinct thousands of years ago. Makes a cool gift for dinosaur lovers and paleontologists of all ages.

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  • Shower head modeled after a real Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skull head
  • Gives a prehistoric Jurassic touch to shower-time that kids of all ages will love
  • All you need is an adjustable wrench (not included) and teflon tape (included)
  • 9 jets in T-Rex's mouth
  • Carnivorous cleaner is made to fit all U.S. shower heads
  • Complies with the California water saver standard of 1.8 gallons per minute
  • Size: 4.5" T x 5.7" L x 3.5" W

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