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Sudski - Shower Beer Holder

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Sudski - Shower Beer Holder

If you thought a hot shower is relaxing after a hard day, try bringing an ice cold can of beer in there with you. Nothing really beats a shower beer, but where do you put the can while lathering up without watering it all down? This cool new Sudski is a handy silicone cupholder for shower beers that sticks to smooth and glossy surfaces in your bathroom shower without suction cups, adhesives, or wall mounts. Just stick it to a flat, shiny, and dry surface, wait 24 hours, and then change your life forever. Hmm, now I want a whirlpool bath with a pop up mini bar.


  • Silicone SUDSKI securely grips to glossy surfaces like glass, mirror, marble, metal, shiny tiles, and laminate using a patented technology
  • No suction cups, adhesives or wall mounts are needed, and it won't leave any residue behind
  • Revolutionary space-age custom drainage system
  • Grip works best on smooth, glass-like surfaces
  • Not intended for use on stone and other unglazed tiles
  • Do not use with glass bottles
  • Place onto FLAT, SHINY, and DRY surface. Wait 24 HOURS before use.

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