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Spike Your Juice - DIY Juice To Alcohol Kit

Spike Your Juice - DIY Juice To Alcohol Kit

Spike Your Juice - DIY Juice To Alcohol Kit

The cool new Spike Your Juice Kit transforms your ordinary bottle of juice into a tasty alcoholic beverage in only 48 hours. Just add the yeast packet to a 64oz bottle of juice, seal it with the airlock top and wait as it naturally converts the fructose of the juice into alcohol and carbonation. The longer it ferments, the more potent it becomes!

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  • Add a packet of magic to a big bottle of juice, and it will turn into an alcoholic delight within 48 hours
  • Alcohol Content: once it has sit 48 hours, alcohol content can reach 14 percent
  • Science causes the yeast in the kit to turn the fructose in the juice into alcohol and carbonation
  • Six packets per kit (each packet will turn a 64oz bottle of juice into booze)
  • Includes: 6 yeast packets, 6 bottle labels, 1 airlock, 1 rubber stopper, and fun recipes.
  • Ingredients: yeast, organic evaporated can juice, emulsifier

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