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Final Touch Relax: Cognac and Brandy Glasses

Final Touch Relax: Cognac and Brandy Glasses

When making plans to conquer the world or just carve it up a little finer with your fellow cohorts, be sure to do it in an underground lair, mansion's den or just a quaint suburban man cave with a few cigars, a fine bottle of brandy and these cool new Final Touch Relax: Cognac and Brandy Glasses. These uniquely shaped glasses conform to the contours of your hand to gently warm your best cognac or brandy and have a slight peak in the center to mix it while sipping, helping to unlock hidden aromas and deepen the flavor. Each set includes two 20 oz glasses.


  • Includes two glasses
  • Enjoy a relaxing evening with the golden glow of perfectly warmed cognac or brandy
  • Featuring a unique shape that contours to your hand, keeping the liquor warm with natural body heat
  • Specially molded glass interior with center peak gently aerates the liquor during normal movement
  • Size: 5” x 4”
  • Capacity: 20 ounces

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