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Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls

Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls

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Dinosaurs and man, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution have just been suddenly thrown back into the mix together. How can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect? - Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)

Drinking some fine Scotch, whiskey, or bourbon and love dinosaurs too? Are you a paleontologist that needs to unwind after a long day of unearthing dinosaur bones and fossils? Then look no further than these cool new Whiskey Bones. Sure we've all seen those chillable whiskey stones in the past, but these are crafted from granite that is hand-carved into ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skulls. To use, just place them in the freezer until it's time to pour a stiff one and then drop one into a drink to effectively chill it down to an appropriate temperature without changing the taste or diluting it down like a traditional boring old ice cube would.

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Cannon Cocktail Shaker
When you need to shake up potent cocktails for your fellow scallywags and other assorted circle of fiends, this cool new Cannon Cocktail Shaker seems to be the appropriate tool.
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Cat Head Ice Mold
Creates a little cat head-shaped ice cube to chill down your whisk(e)y while generating a smile as the pointy cat ears rise up out of the drink.
WMD Bombs Away Pint Glass
Plan on getting bombed at your next party? Do it almost literally when you down a few cold beers from this cool new WMD Bombs Away Pint Glass.
UFO Beer Glass
No matter whether you're nervously waiting for an alien abduction, prepping for an alien invasion, or are just watching movies about aliens of all kinds, then relax and sip a cold one from this cool new UFO Beer Glass.
Medieval Knight Helmet Decanter Set
While a complete suit of armor would be ideal in your home or castle's armory / wet bar, this cool new Medieval Knight Helmet Decanter Set is a bit more functional.
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Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
Makes, stores, and serves up unique shaped ice cubes that are created on the reversible side of the silicone lid.
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
Place this frosty icicle inside a wine bottle to chill the wine perfectly from the inside without dilution!
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
Create single crystal clear ice cubes in triangle, natural rock, and traditional cube shapes. True ice cube perfection for ice cube snobs.
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
This set of two flexible silicone ice molds create giant snowflake shaped ice cubes for a more festive holiday punchbowl - no fancy ice sculpting skills required.
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
Make New Year's Eve, holiday parties, or just anytime you're enjoying the nightlife extra festive when you chill down drinks inside this Disco Ball Ice Bucket.
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
These unique reusable ice balls won't melt and dilute your wine and are designed to clip securely to most traditional-shaped wine glasses so they stay safely on the bottom of the glass as you imbibe!
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
A fun whisk(e)y chilling stone shaped like the legendary Loch Ness Monster that will chill down your favorite drink without watering it down.
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
Makes four perfectly round 2 inch ice balls that can be made from water or juice and packed with mint leaves, fruit slices, herbs, and more.
Whiskey Bones - Chillable Granite T-Rex Skulls
Turn ordinary ice cubes into delicious shaved ice instantly with this handy, portable ice shaver.

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