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Neko Muffler - Knitted Cat Scarf

Neko Muffler - Knitted Cat Scarf

Neko Muffler - Knitted Cat Scarf

You always see dogs with a fashionable handkerchief or even a whiskey barrel hanging around their neck, but you don't see the accessorized cat very often. That changes with this cool new Neko Muffler from Japan. Yep, a stylish little woven scarf is now available for your furry feline friend during the cold winter months or when ever you want to chuckle at their mortified expense. This tiny lightweight red and navy scarf is created from woven yarn and comes in three sizes. Like with any cat in a pet costume, expect unexpected retaliation.

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  • This is about as cute a winter accessory you can get for your furry friend
  • Red and navy design is the perfect way to add some cozy charm to your cat
  • Woven yarn
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Two Sizes: Medium, Large
  • Medium: 8-10"
  • Large: 10-12"

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