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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask

ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask

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The cool new ColdAvenger Pro is a high performance cold weather mask that humidifies dry and cold inhaled air to protect and improve airway health. This one size fits all form-fitting mask protects the face, neck, ears and airway from the cold and keeps temperatures inside 40°F to 60°F higher than on the outside. It features a ventilator that allows you to breathe freely while keeping exhaled moisture off the facial skin, an adjustable, removable interior valve to control air intake and is made from tightly knit soft-shell fleece with a laminate nylon shell to make it wind and water resistant. Great for a frigid adventure high up on the slopes, while working outdoors on cold winter days or just as the ultimate scarf replacement.

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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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ColdAvenger Pro - High Performance Cold Weather Mask
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