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Heated Scarf

Heated Scarf

Heated Scarf

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Whether you're out in a catastrophic polar vortex snowpocalypse blizzardcane AKA winter storm or just strolling along in the chilly winter weather from your car to the mall, the cool new Heated Scarf will give you a little more extra warmth around the collar. This seemingly normal fleece scarf has ultra-thin and flexible carbon heating elements embedded in the center of the fabric that provide up to 6 hours of warmth from the hidden rechargeable battery. It features 3 heat settings, is hand-washable, and comes in either black or grey.

Based on the endless crazed TV meteorologists frantically pointing at maps with their sleeves rolled up and calling for the end of the world each time there's a 30% chance of flurries, I'm just not even sure how we survived as a species on this planet without a scarf that heats itself up. Now you'll be ready for anything these fear mongering weather experts decide to just make up and hype in the future, like a snowball the size of a small moon is headed towards Earth! OMG!!!

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